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Throws News You Can Use by Jim Aikens

Hello Throws Enthusiast,

This is Jim Aikens with some “Throws News You Can Use”. I hope all of you have had an enjoyable fall so far.  That Men’s Shot Put competition in Doha was amazing. The top three throwers all throwing over 75’ WOW! Here is a clip from You Tube of some of the best throws in case you haven’t seen them yet.

Some Great Resources: This website has a lot of resources that coaches can use. This site has the “All Time” top Throws performance list for Illinois, All The “Long & Strong Throws Magazine” issues, Current and past “Throws News you can Use” issues, Job postings and more.

Mac Throws: If you haven’t had the chance to look at it yet you need to check out Mac Throws. There are some great videos of different throws competitions around the world.  You should check out the various interviews and articles that are written by Illinois’ own Dan McQuaid. Dan has a great website “The Wonderful World of Throwing”. Dan does a great job writing about the various competitions and has many interviews with today’s throwers & coaches. There are also some great coaching webinars available on this site.

Throw Big Throw Far Podcast:  If you are into podcast you need to check out the Madison Throws “Throw Big Throw Far Podcast”  Joe Frontier from Madison Throws has some amazing interviews that he has recorded for this great podcast series.

Some Great Clinics that are coming this year:

Ryan Whiting’s Learn By Doing throws camp is on December 14th & 15th 2019:

Burlington Central High School is hosting Former World & National Champion Ryan Whiting and National Indoor Champion Chase Ealey and the rest of the Throws Lab staff will be there as well.  This is for athlete and coaches. I suggest you sign up sooner rather than later since there are a limited number of spots.  The link to the registration site is below. Saturday 12/14 is discus and Sunday 12/15 is shot put.

This year’s ITCCCA Track Coaches clinic is January 10th & 11th 2020:

This clinic is a must for throws coaches: This year speaking at the clinic is

Dane Miller from Garage Strength & Throws University he will be presenting at multiple sessions. Check out Dane’s bio:

Scott Cappos Built a successful throws program at Iowa and now is building a dynasty at Nebraska he will also be presenting at multiple sessions. Check out Scott’s bio:

This year’s A-Z Learn By Doing Throws Clinic is on Sunday, January 26th  2020:

If you haven’t been to the A-Z Throws clinic you don’t know what your missing.  This clinic has been running for over 15 years. Multiple state medalist have attended this clinic over the years.  The great thing about this clinic is the excellent coach to athlete ratio. On average there is one coach to every 5 athletes.  The throws coaches who volunteer to work this clinic are some of the best in the state of Illinois. Your athletes and you will experience some major hands on coaching. (Sign up sheet will be available soon)

 1st Annual Burlington Central Throws Camp Sunday, February 16th 2020:

This camp will be tailored more to what individual throwers and coaches need in order to help make them successful.  This camp will use video to help analyze what is needed to improve your throw and you will be shown the drills to help you to improve in that area.  The clinic will be directed by Coach Jim Aikens (Fremd HS & Burlington Central HS.) and Coach Scott Bennett who has been coaching the field events for over 40 years. He has coached five Olympians (1 gold medalist), National Champions, Olympic Trial Winners, NCAA Champions and many more. He has coached on the Division 1 and Division 3 levels as well as the high school level. He has developed a great system for teaching & correcting throwing technique. (Sign up sheet will be available soon)

I hope you found this Information helpful.  Please tell other throws coaches you know about this newsletter and have them contact me to get them on the list. You can contact me at

Thank You for your time.


Jim Aikens

Burlington Central HS. Throws Coach

Ryan Whiting’s Learn By Doing Throws Camp on December 14-15, 2019 at Burlington Central HS

Hello Everyone,

    As you may have heard Burlington Central High School is hosting National Indoor Champion Chase Ealey and the rest of the Throws Lab staff will be there as well. Check out the attached flyer and feel free to copy it and give it to your throwers and fellow coaches.  This is for athlete and coaches. I suggest you sign up sooner rather than later since there are a limited number of spots.  The link to the registration site is below.
    Hope all of you are having a great Summer.
Jim Aikens
Throws Coach
Burlington Central High School

Throws News you can use

Hello Everyone,
  I hope the end of everyone’s track season went well. I have a couple of items you may be interested in.
1. ITCCCA is in need of a male 150’+ discus thrower to work with legendary throws coach Bob Nihells at the Learn By Doing clinic being held on June 30th & July 1st. The clinic would be free for this young man and he is needed only on July 1st. Coach Nihells will work with this young man while coaches observe.  We have all the other levels for both guys & girls covered. Check out the link of the clinic for details:
If you have a thrower who is interested please contact me. ASAP, first come first serve. My cell is 847-414-8415.
2. I posted on Twitter a few weeks ago that I was looking for possible summer meets.  I was looking for meets that my kids could just go do and not have to worry about joining a USATF or AAU organization.  I have attached 3 calendar’s that contain the meets that I found through a lot of your help.  I thought it would be easier if they were all in one place.  I did not include USATF or AAU meets in the calendar. You can find that information easily enough on their website.
3. There is an outdoor space in Aurora, Illinois that kids and coaches can go throw this summer. They can also learn to throw the hammer or javelin. Check out the website of Hammerman Throws
They are also have a summer throws meet series this summer.
4. Also, Eric Johnson from Arete Throws will be having another clinic this summer in the Chicago area at Downers Grove South HS. on July 17th & 18th.
5. If you have any meets or clinics that you would like to publicize with other throws coaches please contact me and I will get it out in the next email.
Thanks, & enjoy the summer
Jim Aikens
Throws Coach
Burlington Central High School

New Summer Throws Meet Series in Aurora

Beginning this summer, Hammerman Field will host a series of throws only meets.  Hammerman is an expansive throws only facility that started operation last year.  This could easily become a throws destination in the near future.  There are very few private facilities like this in the US.

Come see Hammerman Field this summer and keep your throwing skills sharp.

Throws Meet Series:

Rotational Throwing Drills

Hello Everyone,
I hope your season is going well and your kids are getting better everyday. In the past, I have had many of you ask me for drills and ideas to help improve your athletes technique.  In that vein, a Coaching Education company called Coach Tube has asked me to create a course consisting of some of my rotational drills. So I figured I would give it a try. If you think it is worth it purchase the course. If not, that’s totally fine.  I put 17 different rotational drills that I like to use into the course.  Each drill has a video showing an athlete performing that drill and includes an explanation of what the drill is supposed to improve and what to emphasize when doing the drill.
Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.
Jim Aikens
Link to “Advance Drills for Rotational Shot Put Success by Jim Aikens”

Throws News You Can Use

Hello Everyone,     

     I hope all who attended this years ITCCCA Clinic enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. For those of you who missed it you missed a good one. Ryan Whiting did an amazing job presenting his progression on how he teaches the rotational shot and discus. His learn by doing sessions were excellent. You can check out Ryan’s website at  Feel free to contact Ryan if you have further questions about his presentation.

     Nick Garcia from Notre Dame High School in California gave some great insights to training throwers.  Nick’s presentations were really helpful in gaining some great insights into training. Be sure to check out Coach Garcia’s website for more information regarding his training at Be sure to contact Nick if you have further questions regarding his presentations.

     Scott Bennett  gave a great presentation on a simplified way to teach rotational throwing.  He is currently with Madison Throws club in Middleton, Wisc. Check him out on Instagram at @coachbennett88. Be sure to contact Coach Bennett if you have further questions regarding his presentation at

     All the speakers were talking about the benefits of throwing heavy implements. If you attended the clinic or even if you didn’t, Justin Rodhe, who represented Canada in the 2012 Olympics and was a  21+ meter shot putter, sells some tremendous products for throwing such as throwing straps and throwing gloves that help support the wrist when throwing heavy.  Attached is a flyer that gives you a 20% discount with the code on the flyer.  Be sure to check it out. Rodhe Sport Brochure

     Finally don’t forget the A-Z Throwers Clinic is coming up fast! It will be held this year on Sunday, January 27th at Wheaton North High School.  Again this year there are about 20 area coaches who have volunteered their time to work with your throwers.  It is a hands on learn by doing experience with a 1 coach to 5 kids ratio.  Coaches are welcome also and encouraged to ask questions and take video. Get signed up at

     Looking forward to the start of another great season! Good Luck and if any of you have anything I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jim Aikens

Throws Coach Burlington Central H.S.

Jim Aikens’ Throwing Newsletter

Throws Coaches, A few items that may be of interest to you.

1. Glenbard South is looking for a women’s throws coach. contact Ryan Crissey at if you are interested or if you know someone who is interested.
2. Geneva is also looking for a women’s throws coach. contact Gale Gross at if you are interested or if you know someone who is interested.
3. Don’t forget the ITCCCA clinic is just around the corner.  We have an outstanding group of speakers. Don’t wait to long to get signed up. Follow the links below to find out more about the speakers.

Scott Bennett:Coach Bennett has been coaching the field events for over 40 years. He has coached five Olympians (1 gold medalist), National Champions, Olympic Trial Winners, NCAA Champions and many many more. He has coached on the Division 1 and Division 3 levels as well as the high school level. Coach Bennett has a masters degree in Bio Mechanics which along with his trained eye to identify technical movements has enabled him to be a very successful Field Events Coach. Coach Bennett coached Olympian Andy Bloom who threw over 71 feet in the shot put and over 224 feet in the discus. He also coached one of the United States greatest female discus throwers Olympian Aretha Thurmond-Hill. Most recently Coach Bennett has worked with Curt Jensen who threw over 70 in the shot put in 2018 and coached Tim Glover over 84 meters in the javelin. Coach Bennett’s college athletes have included 7 men over 60 feet and 2 women over 57 feet as well as many other successful throwers. Coach Bennett has spoken at multiple state track clinics including Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri and several others. He has also spoken at multiple National Throws Coaches Associations Clinics along with presenting at the USATF development camps.. Coach Bennett has the unique ability to easily identify technical faults and can correct those faults with a simplified drill based approach.

4. The A-Z Throws Clinic is coming up on January 27th. This is a unique ‘Learn-By-Doing” format that will really benefit your kids.  We have a number of coaches who will be working with your athletes. In most cases the athlete to coach ratio is 4 or 5 athletes to one coach.  Follow the link below to sign up or for more information.
Have a great holiday and lets get ready for another great season of the throws!
Jim Aikens
Burlington Central H.S.
Throws Coach

Jim Aikens Throws Newsletter – Upcoming Clinics

Hello Everyone,

   It won’t be long until the indoor track season is upon us.  With that in mind there are a couple of key things that you as a throws coach might want to be aware of.
1. The annual ITCCCA Clinic will be on Friday & Saturday January 11th & 12th.  The throws line up is AWESOME! This year Ryan Whiting a World Champion shot putter and multiple NCAA champion in the shot and discus will be presenting. Also presenting is Nick Garcia who is one of the most successful high school throws coaches in California. He has coached multiple champions in state and national championships. Finally Scott Bennett who has coached multiple champions including Andy Bloom and Aretha Hill will also be presenting.  Get signed up for the clinic ASAP! it will b here before you know it. Go to to get signed up.
2. The A-Z Throws Clinic will be held on January 27th at Wheaton North High School.  This is the premier throws clinic in the state of Illinois. The coach to athlete ratio is the best you are going to find . It is 5 athletes to every coach.  Some of the best throws coaches in Illinois work this event.  Get yourselves and your kids signed up as soon as possible.  Go to to get signed up.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving but do not wait on these great opportunities!
Jim Aikens
Throws Coach Burlington Central High School

Aikens Throws Newsletter

I hope your season is going well so far.  The indoor season in Illinois is drawing to a close and we get ready to move outside.  Lets hope the weather cooperates. 
I have a couple of things for you this week. Again, if you no longer wish to recieve this email just let me know.
1. Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, IL. is looking for a throws coach.  If you or somone you know is interested please contact Contact Ted Golota.
2This is the link to my latest blog. Week #7. It was an interesting week.
3. Many of you had a chance to view my webinar on Coaching High School Throwers Program.  I hope you enjoyed it. I must admit it was a little weird presenting with not being able to see people for feedback. Anyways, some of you asked for the link to the webinar once it was on Youtube so here it is.
4. My friend Dan McQuaid the throws coach at Wheaton North high school does a great job analyzing his throwers and comparing them to other throwers in order to help them improve. He post these on Youtube so his throwers can watch them.  I subscribe to his channel and watch the videos also. They are an excellent source to help your coaching and I highly recomend that you subscribe to his Youtube channel also.
Good Luck as you continue into your outdoor track & field season.
Jim Aikens
Throws Coach Burlington Central High School

Jim Aikens Throws Newsletter #2

This week starts the season for all of us. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to start coaching. below are a few items that you might find useful.

1. I said in the last newsletter that I was going to begin a blog that chronicles my 1st year of coaching the throws at (Burlington) Central High School. Well my 1st Blog is done. If you would like to read it go to:  If you like it please feel free to share it via twitter or facebook.
2. From Dan McQuaid about the A-Z Throws Clinic next Sunday 1/28.
       Are you a high school thrower looking to sharpen your technique for the upcoming season? Are you a throws coach looking to pick up some tips on helping your athletes sharpen their technique?

Either way, I can’t think of a better place to be on Sunday, January 28th than Wheaton North High School, new home to the A-Z Throws Clinic.

Athletes will receive expert instruction in the shot put (glide or rotational) and discus.

And unlike many throws clinics where each instructor is responsible for a couple dozen athletes, the A-Z features small group instruction. We have 15 excellent coaches with many years of experience (Jim Aikens, for example, began his stellar career teaching the rotational technique to Union soldiers using cannonballs) so every athlete will get plenty of individual attention from a knowledgeable professional.

Follow this link for info about the clinic schedule and registration.

3. All the notes from the ITCCCA Clinic are up and available on the ITCCCA Website. This is a good resource I go back to quite often.

4. FYI state qualifying marks for 2018

Girls Shot: 1A= 35′ 8″ / 2A= 37′ 2″ / 3A=38′ 2″

Girls Disc: 1A= 108′ 8″ / 2A= 112′ 10″ / 3A= 117′ 6″

Boys Shot: 1A= 47′ 9″ / 2A= 49′ 6″ / 3A= 52′ 7″

Boys Disc: 1A= 141′ 6″ / 2A= 145′ 10″ / 3A= 154′ 7″

 Hope all of you get some use out of these emails.