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Hello Everyone,     

     I hope all who attended this years ITCCCA Clinic enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. For those of you who missed it you missed a good one. Ryan Whiting did an amazing job presenting his progression on how he teaches the rotational shot and discus. His learn by doing sessions were excellent. You can check out Ryan’s website at  Feel free to contact Ryan if you have further questions about his presentation.

     Nick Garcia from Notre Dame High School in California gave some great insights to training throwers.  Nick’s presentations were really helpful in gaining some great insights into training. Be sure to check out Coach Garcia’s website for more information regarding his training at Be sure to contact Nick if you have further questions regarding his presentations.

     Scott Bennett  gave a great presentation on a simplified way to teach rotational throwing.  He is currently with Madison Throws club in Middleton, Wisc. Check him out on Instagram at @coachbennett88. Be sure to contact Coach Bennett if you have further questions regarding his presentation at

     All the speakers were talking about the benefits of throwing heavy implements. If you attended the clinic or even if you didn’t, Justin Rodhe, who represented Canada in the 2012 Olympics and was a  21+ meter shot putter, sells some tremendous products for throwing such as throwing straps and throwing gloves that help support the wrist when throwing heavy.  Attached is a flyer that gives you a 20% discount with the code on the flyer.  Be sure to check it out. Rodhe Sport Brochure

     Finally don’t forget the A-Z Throwers Clinic is coming up fast! It will be held this year on Sunday, January 27th at Wheaton North High School.  Again this year there are about 20 area coaches who have volunteered their time to work with your throwers.  It is a hands on learn by doing experience with a 1 coach to 5 kids ratio.  Coaches are welcome also and encouraged to ask questions and take video. Get signed up at

     Looking forward to the start of another great season! Good Luck and if any of you have anything I can help you with please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jim Aikens

Throws Coach Burlington Central H.S.

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