All Time Top Throwers

The following lists have been compiled from information contained on , (formerly,, and, on rare occasions, publications like Track and Field News.  The objective of this site is to create broader awareness and recognition of the many fine track and field performers in Illinois high school history.  Therefore, our list is much deeper than those published elsewhere.  Our list will be updated as results are posted throughout the season on the sites mentioned above.  Therefore, please continue to report your results to those entities. We are fortunate to have located a copy of Illinois Top 100 from 1973, published by Timely Times (listed in its entirety).  It lists all events, both indoors and out, and has a much better record of performances of that era.  They have been included in our list and have substantially increased the number of entries.  We have also verified performances against those schools that maintain websites of their top performers. Thanks to the IHSA, we were able to examine the IHSA State Meet paper records for many years and added dozens more athletes to the Top Performers lists.



updates as of 1/3/2024

Note: COVID-19 caused Illinois school closures during 2020 and much of the indoor track season and all the outdoor season was cancelled.  Therefore, only a few indoor marks were added to our lists.