Jim Aikens Throws Newsletter – Upcoming Clinics

Hello Everyone,

   It won’t be long until the indoor track season is upon us.  With that in mind there are a couple of key things that you as a throws coach might want to be aware of.
1. The annual ITCCCA Clinic will be on Friday & Saturday January 11th & 12th.  The throws line up is AWESOME! This year Ryan Whiting a World Champion shot putter and multiple NCAA champion in the shot and discus will be presenting. Also presenting is Nick Garcia who is one of the most successful high school throws coaches in California. He has coached multiple champions in state and national championships. Finally Scott Bennett who has coached multiple champions including Andy Bloom and Aretha Hill will also be presenting.  Get signed up for the clinic ASAP! it will b here before you know it. Go to http://itccca.com/january-clinic/ to get signed up.
2. The A-Z Throws Clinic will be held on January 27th at Wheaton North High School.  This is the premier throws clinic in the state of Illinois. The coach to athlete ratio is the best you are going to find . It is 5 athletes to every coach.  Some of the best throws coaches in Illinois work this event.  Get yourselves and your kids signed up as soon as possible.  Go to http://itccca.com/clinics/a-z-throwers-clinic/ to get signed up.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving but do not wait on these great opportunities!
Jim Aikens
Throws Coach Burlington Central High School