Aikens Throws Newsletter

I hope your season is going well so far.  The indoor season in Illinois is drawing to a close and we get ready to move outside.  Lets hope the weather cooperates. 
I have a couple of things for you this week. Again, if you no longer wish to recieve this email just let me know.
1. Lake Forest Academy in Lake Forest, IL. is looking for a throws coach.  If you or somone you know is interested please contact Contact Ted Golota.
2This is the link to my latest blog. Week #7. It was an interesting week.
3. Many of you had a chance to view my webinar on Coaching High School Throwers Program.  I hope you enjoyed it. I must admit it was a little weird presenting with not being able to see people for feedback. Anyways, some of you asked for the link to the webinar once it was on Youtube so here it is.
4. My friend Dan McQuaid the throws coach at Wheaton North high school does a great job analyzing his throwers and comparing them to other throwers in order to help them improve. He post these on Youtube so his throwers can watch them.  I subscribe to his channel and watch the videos also. They are an excellent source to help your coaching and I highly recomend that you subscribe to his Youtube channel also.
Good Luck as you continue into your outdoor track & field season.
Jim Aikens
Throws Coach Burlington Central High School

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