Throws News You Can Use from Jim Aikens 11/15/2019

Hello Fellow Throws Enthusiast,

It’s me again, with another edition of  “Throws News You Can Use”.  In this issue we have a number of items you may be interested in.


This year’s ITCCCA Track Coaches clinic is January 10th & 11th 2020 @ The Westin Hotel in Lombard, Illiois: Registration is now open at:

This clinic is a must for throws coaches: This year speaking at the clinic is

Dane Miller from Garage Strength & Throws University he will be presenting at multiple sessions. Check out Dane’s bio:

Scott Cappos Built a successful throws program at Iowa and now is building a dynasty at Nebraska he will also be presenting at multiple sessions. Check out Scott’s bio:

A-Z Learn By Doing Throws Clinic is on Sunday, January 26th  2020 @ Wheaton North H.S. in Wheaton, Illinois: 

If you haven’t been to the A-Z Throws clinic you don’t know what you’re missing.  This clinic has been running for over 15 years. Multiple state medalist have attended this clinic over the years.  The great thing about this clinic is the excellent coach to athlete ratio. On average there is one coach to every 5 athletes.  The throws coaches who volunteer to work this clinic are some of the best in the state of Illinois. Your athletes and you will experience some major hands on coaching.  The cost of the clinic is $65 for advance registration and $75 at the door.  Register at:

National Throws Coaches Association Throw & Learn Camp, February 16th @ Burlington Central H.S. in Burlington, Illinois :

This camp will be tailored more to what individual throwers and coaches need in order to help make them successful.  This camp will use video to help analyze what is needed to improve your throw and you will be shown the drills to help you to improve in that area.  The clinic will be directed by Coach Jim Aikens (Fremd HS & Burlington Central HS.) and Coach Scott Bennett who has been coaching the field events for over 40 years. He has coached five Olympians (1 gold medalist), National Champions, Olympic Trial Winners, NCAA Champions and many more. He has coached on the Division 1 and Division 3 levels as well as the high school level. He has developed a great system for teaching & correcting throwing technique. The cost of he clinic is $70 for advance registration & $80 day of if spots are available. You will first need to create an account at Centrals 8-18 page. Once you have created an 8-18 account follow the prompts below.

  1. Go to “Registration”
  2. Click on “Begin Registration”
  3. Click on “NTCA Throws Camp”
  4. Then click on “Proceed don’t want the app”
  5. You only need to fill out the * information. Place a “0” where it ask for student number. Also, if you could fill out the medical insurance info.
  6. Fill out guardian information
  7. Accept the Camp Waiver
  8. Proceed to checkout

(If you have difficulty email me at or call me at 847-414-8415)

University of Wisconsin 1 day Throws Camps: There is a great opportunity for throwers in the Northern portion of Illinois. U of W Madison is offering a series of 1 day throws camps. I have heard nothing but good things about these camps. Coach Astrauskas and his staff do a great job working with the athletes. For details and registration go to:


Lake Zurich High School: Lake Zurich High School is looking for a boys throws coach for the upcoming season. Please contact head coach Randal Dunbar at if you are interested.

Saint Charles North High School: Saint Charles North High School is looking for a girls throws coach for the upcoming season. Please contact head coach Kathryn Mehalic at


Cody Foerch, the throws coach a Deerfield H.S. has made some good videos explaining discus & rotational shot technique. As you are probably aware Deerfield has had some pretty darn good throwers. Check these videos out. They are an accurate but yet not to complex explanation of these techniques.  I recommend you copy the link and send it to your throwers.

Discus Analysis 2.0:

Shot Put Analysis 3.0:

Throw Big Throw Far Podcast:  Check out the Madison Throws “Throw Big Throw Far Podcast”  In his latest podcast Joe Frontier from Madison is talking to Coach Dan McQuaid from Wheaton North H.S. with a great topic “Is the Glide Dead”. As usual it’s a great podcast.

Great Resource for Throws Coaches: Some of you may remember back at the ITCCCA clinic in 2016 I created a google share drive folder  called “ITCCCA Sharing Session 2016”. This folder has materials that were shared by many throws coaches in Illinois. If you haven’t checked this out I highly suggest you do. You will not be disappointed: I have changed the settings so that anyone with a link can view the material.

Link to Google Drive Folder:

I hope all of you get at least one thing from this email. Again, if you know of anyone who might want to start getting these emails but isn’t have them send me their email and I will put them on the list.

Enjoy the holidays!

Jim Aikens

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