Jim Aikens Throws Newsletter #2

This week starts the season for all of us. I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to start coaching. below are a few items that you might find useful.

1. I said in the last newsletter that I was going to begin a blog that chronicles my 1st year of coaching the throws at (Burlington) Central High School. Well my 1st Blog is done. If you would like to read it go to: http://itccca.com/13989/2018/01/aikens-on-throws-preparing-for-the-season/  If you like it please feel free to share it via twitter or facebook.
2. From Dan McQuaid about the A-Z Throws Clinic next Sunday 1/28.
       Are you a high school thrower looking to sharpen your technique for the upcoming season? Are you a throws coach looking to pick up some tips on helping your athletes sharpen their technique?

Either way, I can’t think of a better place to be on Sunday, January 28th than Wheaton North High School, new home to the A-Z Throws Clinic.

Athletes will receive expert instruction in the shot put (glide or rotational) and discus.

And unlike many throws clinics where each instructor is responsible for a couple dozen athletes, the A-Z features small group instruction. We have 15 excellent coaches with many years of experience (Jim Aikens, for example, began his stellar career teaching the rotational technique to Union soldiers using cannonballs) so every athlete will get plenty of individual attention from a knowledgeable professional.

Follow this link for info about the clinic schedule and registration.

3. All the notes from the ITCCCA Clinic are up and available on the ITCCCA Website. This is a good resource I go back to quite often.

4. FYI state qualifying marks for 2018

Girls Shot: 1A= 35′ 8″ / 2A= 37′ 2″ / 3A=38′ 2″

Girls Disc: 1A= 108′ 8″ / 2A= 112′ 10″ / 3A= 117′ 6″

Boys Shot: 1A= 47′ 9″ / 2A= 49′ 6″ / 3A= 52′ 7″

Boys Disc: 1A= 141′ 6″ / 2A= 145′ 10″ / 3A= 154′ 7″

 Hope all of you get some use out of these emails.

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